History of the airport Chemnitz, 1926 - 1974
( Historical representation with painted pictures )

Part of an ordnance survey map shows 1938 the situation and extension of the airport.
Are take-off building and
hangar at the southern
edge to recognice directly by the street to town Stollberg.Coordinates: 50 48'35''N , 12 53'20''O
Height of Airport: 356m.
Extent:1050m Northeast/Southwest,  400m Northwest/Southeast
Roll fied size: 900 x200m
Surface:grace on a loamy reason. The ground rises of the southwest to the northeast. 

From the book: "Flugplätze der Luftwaffe 1934 - 1945" Part 2 - Saxony, Author: Jürgen Zapf, 
Publishing house: VDM Heinz Nickel,Germany 

Flughafen Chemnitz

    Projekt der Chemnitzer Architekten  Müller & Schwab (BDA), 1925

Udet in Chemnitz, 1926 Airplane: Udet U12a  "Flamingo"
(Color  : Gouache)
airport chemnitz
Airport in the year 1930. Left building extension restaurant "Ikarus".
On the right,  hangar 30 * 40m. (Light gate width 30m)


Lufthansa F13 Chemnitz

 Junkers F13bi "Dommel" ,Werknummer 706,
Baujahr 11.5.1925 (Gouache)
  Airship LZ 127 "Graf Zeppelin" lands in Chemnitz 1930 (Watercolor).  

 Junkers F24 ko, Diana, 1929 ( photo composition)    

 Airplane D 876 in the liner service of Lufthansa Chemnitz - Amsterdam.


03.05.1926  start of the regular air traffic with two airlines of the newly opened  airport Chemnitz.
18.04.1927  first transnational  line flight to Prague with Junkers F13.
1930            4806 takeoffs and landings with 9783 passengers  at the Chemnitzer airport were counted.
16.11.1930  airship LZ 127 "Graf Zeppelin" lands in Chemnitz.
1932            Structure of a training center for aviators D.L.V. In 1938 transformation to N.S.F.K. - empire school
                    for engine airplanes.

1933              Test-fly by DKW Erla Me 5 aircraft. The transportation was from factory "Eisen- und Flugzeugwerk Erla"(Erzgebirge)
                      on the road to the airport Chemnitz.
25.08.1939    Last regular traffic flight with a Ju 52 before the II World War.
  In the period from July 17. to August 25. 1939 the air track Berlin-Chemnitz-Karlsbad-Munich Lufthansa was flown with Ju 52.
                      Last  the II World War becomes that the airport as an education airport and repair shipyard
the German Air Force used.
1942              Testing of the second prototype C10A at Chemnitz Airport
After 1945 dismantling of the large hangar through the Russians (reparation)
From 1952 receptions of the glider operations.
01.05.1958 New start on the airport Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz) for  inland air traffic
                    Lufthansa of the GDR . (An-2 and Aero 45).
31.10.1962  last flightday of airliners.
Until  1974 utilizations for hobbyflights
Up to1975  building blocks of flats over the total area on airport. Up to now ther are the head building
                    and the flat building of the former Ikarus-restaurant yet.


D-2585 pattern airplane DKW Erla Me 5
D-YBIT series aircraft


DKW Erla Me 5 transport to airport Chemnitz
Source: Flugsportverein Wangen)

     Designer: Franz Xaver Mehr
     Length: 6200 mm
     Span length: 1100 mm
     Height: 1750 mm
     Weight empty: 350 Kg
     Engine: Water-cooled 600cc two-stroke      DKW twocylinder 
     Oil-petrol mixture 1:20, fuel consumption 9l/h

Junkers F13

Junkers  F13 in front of the airport terminal

Junkers Ju52

Junkers  Ju-52 overfly airport terminal (pencil)
G38 in Chemnitz
Junkers G38 on a visit in Chemnitz 1932 ( Watercolor)

Junkers G38

Junkers G38 in October 1932
Junkers F13 Chemnitz
Junkers F13bi "Dommel" with heating to use for winter  (Source Rico Gebert) 

Airport Chemnitz Ju 52 Lufthansa       
Junkers Ju 52 ready for takeoff to Munich ( photo composition)     

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Fokker Grulich Junkers W33

Focke-Wulf A17 Junkers F-24
Other airplane types on the airport Chemnitz
(Source: Deutsche Lufthansa AG)

Airlines of Lufthansa from, to and over Chemnitz (1926 - 1939)
(Source: Deutsche Lufthansa AG)
Fokker Grulich

Fokker Grulich FIII, Lufthansa and tower "Bismarckturm" (pencil)

Testing of the second prototype C10A in 1942 at Chemnitz Airport. At the end of the airport on the city side there was a hangar and a workshop of the FAG (Aviation Technical Working Group at the State Academy for Technology in Chemnitz), part of the German Research Institute for Aviation E.V. Berlin-Adlershof. Gliders were tested there, which were developed by the "Akaflieg" Chemnitz.

Specifications C10:    

                                                                                                                   Flughafen Karl-Marx-Stadt 
Airport Karl-Marx-Stadt
Airport Karl-Marx-Stadt with An-2 (DM-SKC) in the year 1960

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An-2P, DM-SKF, used in the service by Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) ca.1959

Aero 45

Super Aero 45 , 1959 (Watercolor)
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airport Karl-Marx-Stadt Antonov An-2

Part of schedule, summer1960 (Source: www.ddr-interflug.de)
Airport  Chemnitz
Back of airport terminal 1929
Airport terminal chemnitz
Today, airport terminal


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