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Antonov An-2T, Interflug GDR (East Germany)
July 12, 1958 after conversion to a passenger version used by  the German Lufthansa of the GDR.  From 1963 used by  the Interflug . 1982 Installation of aerial imaging equipment.
Gouache, 48cm x 36cm

antonov An-2 Focke-Wulf Fw200 Focke-Wulf Fw200 A-0(S1) "Saarland"
 Serial number 2893
 Insert by Lufthansa 
 23.07.1938 to   14.03.1940
 Oel on hardboard, 62 x 48cm
 Detail of picture
Heinkel He 162A-2, white 1, flown 
by lieutenant Rudi Schmitt I/JG1 (Leck).
He 162A-1, white 5, I/JG1 flown by
Helmut Künnecke.
Mouth of the river Schlei, Baltic Sea,
May 1945.
Oel on hardboard, 78 x 67cm.
Detail of picture
Heinkel He-162 Donier do-26 Dornier Do26V2 "SEEFALKE".
Take off (February 1939).
This aircraft carried auxiliary goods

for earthquake victims in Chile.
Oel on hardboard , 70 x 52cm .
Detail of picture
 Heinkel He70 G-1"Blitz"
flies towards town Kempten over 
town Pfronten (Alps mountain 1933).
Oel on hardboard, 66 x 56cm
Heinkel He70 Lockheed L-1049G Lockheed L-1049G
Super Constellation over the island Helgoland.
Picture in oel, 80cm * 65cm
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Junkers F13bi "Dommel", Lufthansa, Serial number 706, May 11.1925
Airport Chemnitz,
Gouache, 48 x 36cm,
Artprint possible !
Lufthansa Junkers F13 SE.210 Caravelle, Swissair SE.210 „Caravelle“,
In approach to Geneva, 1969.
Oel on hardboard, 80 x 65cm
Boeing727-30C "Pforzheim"
(D-ABIA) near Gibraltar, 1967.
Oel on hardboard, 80 x 65cm
Boeing727 Airbus a340 "Toronto, fly in"
Airbus A340-600  
D-IAHC "Essen"

Oel on hardboard, 62cm x 53cm
Ju87G-2 take off.
Front machine flown
by major Hans-Ulrich Rudel
SG2 "Immelmann"
Oel on hardboard, 80 x 56cm
Detail of picture
Junkers Ju87 Concorde Concorde F-BTSD,Constr.number.213 
putting in the service 1978 May 05.,
new taking the airservice  Nov. 2001 
4 Rolls Royce SNECMA 
"Olympus593".  2170Km/h in 18000m
reach 6570 Km .First fligth of a
Cocorde in 1969 March 02. 
Oel on hardboard, 70 x 60cm
Arado Ar234 B-2
KG76 (1944/45)
Oel on hardboard,
total dimension 74 x 50cm

Detail of picture
Arado Ar234 Antonov An-2 Antonov An-2, 2008
FSV Rüwalders e.V. 
Grossrückerswalde (Erzgebirge)
Oel on hardboard, 85cm x 70cm
- sold out-
Night hunter JU88 G-6 (1945)
C9 + AA Stab / NJG5 
C9 + AR 7 / NJG5
Oel on hardboard, 73 x 58 cm
Junkers Ju88G-6 Messerschmitt Bf108 Messerschmitt Bf 108 D-1
Oel on hardboard, 63 x 48cm
F-4F Phantom II ,JG71 “Richthofen"
Oel on hardboard, 80 x 65 cm
- sold out-
F-4F Phantom II, Aviation Art, Luftfahrtkunst Baade Typ152 Type 152, second prototype V-4
First flight in Dresden at the
28.August 1960.

Engines Pirna 014
Oel on hardboard, 67 x 57cm
F-FES-530/II „Lehrmeister “.
Two-seater training glider with a span of 15m. 223 manufactured by  VEB Apparatebau Lommatzsch DDR (East Germany), 1960.
40cm x 30cm, Gouache.
F-4F Phantom II, Aviation Art, Luftfahrtkunst    

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