Airplanes in watercolour

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Measurement of drawings 30cm * 40cm
airberlin, 2009
Watercolor Boeing737 Tupolew Tu-134A
Tupolew Tu-134A
Interflug 1980
(30cm x 23,5cm)
Eurocopter EC135 of 
Watercolor Eurocopter EC 135 Watercolor Il-14
Iljuschin IL-14P manufactured
by "Flugzeugwerft Dresden"
1957 (Serial No.: 6341206)
D-ABII "Lörrach"
Watercolor Boeing737 Watercolor Iljuschin IL-18
Iljuschin IL-18D
Interflug 1990
Serial No. 188010903
Typ152 V1 (DM - ZYA)
4 jet engines "Pirna014"
Second take off 4th of March 1959
Chief design engineer Prof. Brunolf Baade
Manufactured by "Flugzeugwerft Dresden"
German first passenger aircraft after WW II.
Watercolor 152 Watercolor Cessna152
Airport Chemnitz-Jahnsdorf, 2010
Airbus A319
Germanwings, 2010
Watercolor A319 Watercolor Airbus A321
Airbus A321-131
Retro-Look, 50 years Lufthansa, 2010
Bombardier Canadair
Lufthansa Regional
Watercolor Bombardier Canadair CRJ Watercolor Donier Do328 Donier Do328
Cirrus Airlines, 2009
Antonov An-24W, Interflug, 1970 Antonov An-24W